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I am a watercolour artist, originally from England and raised in Australia. I have lived in between Sydney and Sunshine Coast for the past 10 years.

I love to paint mostly portraits and figures. But I’ve never been excited to stay on one subject for very long. What ever inspires me that day might get the chance to become a painting. Whether it’s an interaction with an animal, a plant, surf, movement or a person the main thing that truly inspires me is how it made me feel.

I have no professional education towards my art. I like to test things out, as I get inspired.

For me, one of my biggest influences was a special woman called Florence Betty Cockerill. She was a close family friend who insisted in following your heart. And she helped guide me very subtlety into my art. In fact she accidently gave me my first watercolour set that consisted of a Chinese ink stone, a small guide book and a few bamboo/goats hair brushes. I still use them to this day on the majority of my pieces.

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